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Airshow 1st October 2022








Did you know that Air Shows are ranked as one of the most popular family entertainment events worldwide?

Plan your long weekend because you definitely don’t want to miss this one!

On 1 October the West Coast Saldanha Bay Air Show will take flight! The event will start early morning at Saldanha/Vredenburg Airport with lots of other entertainment to look forward to like drag racing, model airplanes, drone demonstrations and so much more. Let’s make new memories together! Buy your tickets NOW

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Save the date! Early morning on 1 October 2022 the Inaugural West Coast Saldanha Bay Air Show will take to the African skies with a bang!

Plan your long weekend and look forward to an exciting and roaring day of fun with family and friends with lots of other entertainment on offer like, drag racing, model airplanes, and drone demonstrations. Local traders will keep your tummy happy and your thirst quenched. Let’s make new memories together! Book your tickets NOW

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Ever dreamed of being a pilot or experiencing the roaring sounds of an air show?

On 1 October 2022 the West Coast Saldanha Bay Air Show will make your dreams come true! Events will already kick off early morning so how about planning your long weekend getaway? It’s time to gather friends and family and start planning!

Let’s make new memories together! Buy your tickets NOW

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˃  Aims of the West Coast Saldanha Bay Air Show
The West Coast Saldanha Bay Air Show aims to showcase the West Coast and particularly the Saldanha Bay Region, support tourism in the region, and position the region as an attractive and competitive business and industry location.

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˃  Complete and submit Outdoor Exhibitor Application Form


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˃  Air Show South Africa (ASSA)



˃  FAQ


˃ Who are the organisers of the Air Show?

The West Coast Saldanha Bay Air Show is brought to you by the West Coast Chamber, and is organised by Dr Clive Coetzee.

˃ Lost children

Please ensure that all children under the age of 13 have a contact address and telephone number on them.   Parents are urged to keep a watchful eye on their children at all times – but if lost, youngsters and/or parents are asked to report to the information desk located at the entrance.

˃ Disabled persons

Bona fide disabled persons will be permitted to park in a designated area at the entrance of the airport but remain liable for the standard parking fee. Most facilities within the airport cater for the disabled.

˃ Entertainment program

Please note that the entertainment program is subject to change due to weather conditions and factors beyond the organiser’s control.

˃ Banking

ATM services will be on site.

˃ Prohibited items

The public is prohibited at the airport from bringing alcohol, own food or drinks, umbrellas, picnic baskets, ‘laser lights’, firearms (including air guns), knives or any other items deemed, at the Security’s sole discretion, to be a weapon or an item that could possibly hurt or interfere with the experience of our visitors.

˃ Security

For the duration of the show, there will be a fully operational security present.  The public are, however, advised to adopt the standard precautionary measures applicable to any environment where crowds gather, especially in respect of handbags, cell phones and cameras.

˃ First Aid

Atlantic Medical Response will be on site. In case of an emergency, please ask security onsite to point you in the direction of their stand.

˃ Dangers

Please take note and adhere to the following strict rules of an air show: – To avoid any ground risks, the Display Box is a demarcated area where the public is not allowed.

In case of an emergency please note that an Emergency evacuation plan is in place and a route has been demarcated for safety personnel and security to execute emergency contingency and communications plans to keep you safe.  Emergency medical and fire rescue teams will be on standby.

˃ Food and Beverage

Different food stalls and vendors will be at the event as well as a fully licenced beer tent. Please note that consumption of alcohol will only be allowed within the demarcated section at the event.

˃ Location of the airport

Vredenburg Airport is also known as Saldanha Bay Airport. It is a small airport located in Saldanha Bay, in the Western Cape province of South Africa and is 5.7 kilometres away from Saldanha Bay City Centre.  Coordinates: S32°57.80′ / E17°58.20′

˃ Gate pass outs

Attendees will be issued with  a re-entry stamp on arrival.


  • Drone display by Inspire Africa
  • RC Flying by Langebaan RC Flying Club
  • Drag Racing by West Coast Drag – 40 cars
  • Oval Stock Cars (static display) – 10 cars
  • Civilian Display – L39 by Dave Mandell
  • Civilian Display by the Marksmen Aerobatic Tea


  • Military Display
  • Navy Band
  • Military Acrobatic Display by the Silver Falcons
  • Air drop
  • Recce drill



  • Event: West Coast Saldanha Bay Air Show

  • When: Saturday, 1 October 2022
  • Time:
    • Gates open: 6:30 am.
    • The program kicks off at 8:30 am.
    • Gates close at 18:30 pm
  • Venue: Saldanha / Vredenburg Airport

Other relevant information:

  • Rules – no cooler boxes or umbrellas, etc.

  • For more info monitor:
  • Webpage URL – Chamber
  • Disclaimer – Visitors enter the Saldanha Bay Airport entirely on their own risk. No claim can be made against the organisers for any damage, death or loss to one’s person or property arising from any cause whatsoever. Depending on factors beyond the organisers control, it may not be possible to host certain advertised events.
    Please note:  Tickets are non-refundable.


The organisers appreciates the partnership and/or sponsorship of all the following entities involved in the 2022 West Coast Saldanha Bay Air Show:

  • Capital Sounds
  • Weskus Tourism
  • Atlantic Medical Response
  • ABSA bank
  • Velddrif Chamber
  • Stellenbosch University
  • Saldanha Bay Municipality
  • Weskus Mall
  • Houtstok Radio
  • Inspire Africa
  • Langebaan RC flying club
  • Military Academy
  • West Coast Chamber
  • West Coast Drag Racing
  • Oval Stock cars
Weskus Sakekamer Saldanha Vredenburg Airshow October 2022
Weskus Sakekamer - Chamber of Commerce Air Show 1 October 2022 Map of Event Saldanha Vredenburg

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